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Recent Content

CFP: Authorizing Tolkien: Questions of Adaptation, Control, Dissemination, and Transformation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Works [Special Issue of the Journal of Tolkien Research]

This proposal for a themed issue of the Journal of Tolkien Research seeks articles about the matters of adaptation, control  dissemination, and transformation of Tolkien’s works (including those published by his son, Christopher), and the implications such matters have for current and future scholarship in the areas of Tolkien Studies, film and media studies, cultural studies, adaptation studies, gaming, and fan studies.

CFP: Working Class Culture area of Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture/American Culture Association

Call for papers:

Proposals are welcome on all aspects of Working Class Culture for inclusion in the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association conference in Philadelphia from November 5-7, 2015.

The Working Class Culture area examines representations of the working class in all areas of culture, including but not limited to art, literature, film, and the media.


CFP: Internet Culture area of Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture/American Culture Association

Call for papers:

Proposals are welcome on all aspects of Internet Culture for inclusion in the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association conference in Philadelphia from November 5-7, 2015.

The Internet Culture area includes identity construction via the Internet, art forms and social forms on the Internet, convergent media and new media creations on the Internet, Internet symbolism, and examinations of the ways in which the Internet is used artistically, commercially, socially, and politically.


FINAL WEEK!! Critical Insights: Silence of the Lambs (Abstracts 6/3) KEY TOPICS STILL NEEDED!


Call for Contributors – Abstracts by June 3, 2015

Critical Insights: Silence of the Lambs (1991)

One of the most influential thrillers, Jonathan Demme’s Silence of the Lambs—along with its lead characters— has become a touchstone of popular culture.  As such, it’s been chosen by Salem Press as one of the lead volumes in its Critical Insights: Film series (an extension of Salem’s well known CI series in literature). 

Ian Condry: The Soul of Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Media Success

Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Time: Door opens at 7:00pm, Program starts at 7:30pm
Venue: Temple University Japan Campus, Mita Hall 5F
(access: http://www.tuj.ac.jp/maps/tokyo.html)
Speaker: Ian Condry, Professor of Japanese Media and Cultural Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Moderator: Kyle Cleveland, Associate Director of ICAS
Admission: Free. Open to public
Language: English
RSVP: icas@tuj.temple.edu

Video: Traditional and Popular Culture : Opposing Mirrors 伝統と現代を合わせて映す文化の鏡

Dr. Darren Ashmore of Yamanashi Gakuin University examines the living culture of kabuki and other theatrical forms in Japan, and its continuing relevance in modern Japan. Many of the connections between traditional media and modern animation are readily evident once examined, but most particularly between kabuki and anime, a connection made plain in the character of Saotome Aruto in Macross Frontier, the scion of an ancient kabuki family who seeks to be a space pilot in a variable fighter.

Article: The Mystery of the Hardy Boys and the Invisible Authors

The Atlantic has an article on the industry behind the writing of popular children's literature, focusing in on the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. Aside from an overview of the ghostwriting business for children's books, the authors state the business model of hiring freelancers who have no control over their work once complete is now one that is central to writing in the digital age.

Quotes from the article:

H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For 18 May to 25 May

The following jobs were posted to the H-Net Job Guide from 18 May
2015 to 25 May 2015. These job postings are included here based on
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Colby College - Visiting Assistant Professor in World History
(Specialization Africa)


CFP for Edited Collection:Monstrous Messengers: Supernatural Figures in Children’s Picture Books and Early Readers 28 June Deadline

Picture books and early readers carry all the weight of parental authority, and are essential tools in the learning process for children. They offer children not only hours of sanctioned entertainment and carefully chosen words and concepts, they also introduce the young children to specific cultural norms and belief systems. What role then does the supernatural character play for children learning to “read” and interpret the values in the interplay of images, words, and authority?