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Tania Darlington Reviews: Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (2016)

Popular Culture Reviews

It is difficult to pinpoint the intended audience for James Franco's reworking of Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?. Is it regular Lifetime viewers? Fans of B-movie vampire sex romps? Academics interested in the gender politics of horror? By remaking perhaps the most quintessential of all Lifetime offerings as a lesbian vampire horror melodrama complete with metatextual voiceovers about the functions of gender and sexuality in genre films, Franco attempts to accomplish too much and, as a consequence, actually accomplishes very little.

CFP - National Conference for Popular Culture - Science Fiction and Fantasy

One of the largest and most vibrant areas of the Popular Culture Association, the Science Fiction and Fantasy(SF/F) Area invites proposals for its 2017 national conference to be held at the San Diego Marriott Hotel, the 12-15 April 2017.  We welcome any theoretical or (inter)disciplinary approach to any topic related to SF/F: art, literature, radio, film, television, comics, graphic novels, videos, etc.

2016 Centre for Media & Celebrity Studies (CMCS) Conference, Media and Awards


Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) will host an exclusive roundtable ‘Beyoncé Debate’ in Barcelona on July 5, 2016. The roundtable will be held at the conference "Bridging Gaps: What are the Media, Publicists, and Celebrities Selling?" in Barcelona (July 3-5, 2016)

We welcome guests, journalists, and publicists to attend the complete conference for a discounted rate of $150.