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Invitation for Applications for Curator of Oral History in Columbia University Libraries

The Columbia University Libraries invites nominations and applications for the position of Curator of Oral History, Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The Curator will develop and conduct outreach on behalf of the Columbia Center for Oral History (CCOH) archive, a partnership between the Columbia University Libraries and the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics (INCITE).

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Call for Papers: “1977-2017: The IWY National Women’s Conference In Retrospect” November 5-7, 2017, University of Houston

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the 1977 National Women’s Conference, the domestic answer to the United Nations’ International Women’s Year initiative.  The Houston Conference, as it came to be known, was the largest federally mandated gathering of American women in history.  On this occasion, 2000 delegates elected from fifty states and six territories and roughly 16,000 observers came together to craft a twenty-six plank National Plan of Action, submitted to President Jimmy Carter in 1978.  The conference remains one of the most imaginative and wide-ranging exercises in civic enga

a hackney autobiography: poetic satnav and oral history

The oral history project A Hackney Autobiography: Remembering Centerprise has published a free mobile app and a book.

Free mobile app – a hackney autobiography

A Hackney Autobiography, inspired by Centerprise, puts Hackney (London,UK)’s creative & radical past on the map. This mobile app, created by On The Record, is now available for free on Google Play, iTunes App Store, or simple web browser.