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Re: What if interviewee wants to withdraw his interview?

It's reassuring know that others similarly agonize over this oral history dilemma. When faced with this recently, we found a solution that made us feel somewhat better about all of the hard work and resources we put into the interview, answered our need to be honest and transparent, and solved (at least for now) our reluctance to physically destroy the recordings.

Re: What if interviewee wants to withdraw his interview?

Dear Soon Choon,

I think it is important to note that the interviewer is not the "creator" of the oral history. I like to use the term narrator for the person who is the subject of the interview. Without that person, we have nothing.

I have had people ask to withdraw from a project after the interview. I have always spoken to them directly, discussed their concerns, and have been able to keep the interview. Had I not ultimately won their consent, I would have destroyed the interview.


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1.       Like the presentation of oral history + transcript (or summary) on the Island Voices website: http://www.islandvoices.ca/userguide


2.       Would be in the position and of the inclination to update the Island Voices module for Drupal 7