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Call for Papers - Islamophobia: Gender, Sexuality and Racism


Special Issue of the Islamophobia Studies Journal  

Islamophobia Studies Journal

Abstracts due:           October 10, 2014

Full Articles due:       March 2, 2015

This special issue of Islamophobia Studies Journal (ISJ) aims to generate and circulate new knowledge about the relationship between Islamophobia, gender, sexuality, and racism.

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Releases New Podcast Series

In spring 2014, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program is releasing its series of over 50 podcasts online, compiled over years of student and staff work on a variety of projects, including the African American History Project; World War II, Vietnam, and Korean wars; Mississippi Freedom Project; Peace Corps; University of Florida history; and many more.  

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Collecting survivor testimonies of violence in northern Nigeria

Hi all,

I wanted to draw attention to this project, in its very infancy, being run by one extremely dedicated young woman in Abuja. It's called the Testimonial Archive Project, and it's a collection of short interviews with the people who live in Boko Haram-affected territories in Nigeria's north.