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OHA Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2014 Oral History Association annual meeting, to be held October 8-12 in Madison, Wisconsin, is now open.  This year's registration includes an "early bird special" where OHA members receive a $25 discount if they register by August 15, in addition to the regular conference discount for both new and current members. 

Showing Interviewee's Deletions in Transcription

At the Minnesota Historical Society we adhere to the same policy that Robin described above. 

We also have put both the narrator edited transcript version along with the audio online. Any changes made by the narrator are up alongside what they originally said. In the year or so the site has been live we haven't had any complaints about the transcript infidelity to the audio.

The only time I have found this inconvient is when I am trying to make a clip of an interview matching the audio exactly with the edited text.

Hope this helps


Showing Interviewee's Deletions in Transcription

I'm also the new lead on an already-established oral history project, and am facing a similar situation: My institution's policy has historically allowed for interviewees' edits within transcripts that are then posted as PDFs to the web. Currently, the audio files of these interviews are not available online. My question is this: When the audio is made available (as it eventually will be), how do we handle the fact that the recordings and the transcripts with all of their edits do not match? Has anybody dealt with this scenario?