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Featuring institutional members on OHA website

To recognize institutional members of the Oral History Association, the OHA has begun a new feature on its website www.oralhistory.org. Each month a different institutional member will be spotlighted. This month, the highlighted institutional member is the Minnesota Historical Society, which possesses an extensive and diverse collection of interviews.

Post-Migration Discussion

Dear Suscribers,

The listserv-to-Commons transition is complete, and we are open for business on the new H-Net Commons website. I thought I would create this discussion as a place where members can post their questions or difficulties in navigating the new space.

That said, I do want to list a few "FAQ" here first for common issues you may be experiencing. As the discussion progresses I will update these, then eventually create a dedicated page in our resource list for the future.

Q: What is our new home page?

Military History Bibliography - Regrouping


The issue, of course, is maintenance, as you suggest. It seems that the military oral history interest group could take it on as a task to update the list, say every three to six months. Then you could send the updated list to the OHA executive office, and we'd mount the new version on the website.

Cliff Kuhn
Executive Director
Oral History Association

Combining an oral history book with online interview audio

My colleague Anisa Puri and I are developing a proposal for an oral history paperback book which will be simultaneously published as an e-book with direct links to the online audio of the interviews used in the book. We'd value suggestions from H-OralHist colleagues about examples of such work, or readings about creating this type of hybrid aural history publication.

March Oral History Review posts on OUPblog

Our March 28th OUPblog contribution features Abbie Reese's photos and podcast, where we featured her new book, Dedicated to God: An Oral History of Cloistered Nuns. Here’s its URL:


On 3/14, Alisa Del Tufo wrote a piece for us about the Threshold Collaborative. What's the Threshold Collaborative? Click below and find out.