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Engage with New National Humanities Alliance Initiatives

The National Humanities Alliance, a humanities advocacy coalition to which the Oral History Association belongs, has just launched its new website (http://www.nhalliance.org/). The site makes it simpler for humanities advocates to make their voices heard, offers multiple ways to explore and promote the rich humanities work happening throughout the country, and provides opportunities to support advocacy efforts.

There are two maps associated with the site that we encourage OHA members and oral historians to engage with:

Recent "Oral History Review" posts at OUPblog

Here's our regular check-in to alert H-OralHist readers to new posts from The Oral History Review at Oxford University Press's OUPblog.

Our most recent piece went live last Friday (6/26/2015) as a podcast between Andrew and Elspeth Brown, where they talked about Brown's work with digital collaboration in LGBTQ oral history: 


Oral Histories in Community Colleges?


I am a librarian at a large, urban community college in Charlotte, NC, and am interested in ways to incorporate oral history and digital storytelling into library outreach and even into the curricula of some of our academic programs. (I have good relationships with faculty in many areas of my college that would be up to try something new in their classrooms, online and physical).

We have a huge international population here, so that seems like a good focus for a pilot project.

CfP: "Southern Cultures" Documentary Arts Special Issue

Southern Cultures, the award-winning, peer-reviewed quarterly from UNC’s Center for the Study of the American South, encourages submissions from scholars, writers, and artists for our Documentary Arts Issue. We will be accepting submissions for this special issue through July 31, 2015, at https://southerncultures.submittable.com/Submit.