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Looking for Panelist for AHA 2024 in San Francisco - Oral History of care

I am trying to put together a last minute (due February 15th) proposal for the AHA in January 2024 in San Francisco. My co-presenter and I both work in the Oral History of care/caretakers. I work on the lived experiences of New York Nurse Practitioners in the early days of the profession (1970s-1990s), while my co-presenter works on the Houseboat Community in Sausalito, California (1960s-1970s). We are looking for a third presenter who would be focused on either healthcare or other forms of care/caring.

Morag Martin


History Department

SUNY Brockport

The new Oral History Lab @UPRM / El nuevo Laboratorio de Historia Oral @UPRM

We are so pleased to announce that the new Oral History Lab at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez will officially open on February 16. We will be celebrataing with online and in-person events throughout the day. Please join us if you can. The schedule of events and registration form are on our website at www.uprm.edu/ohl.