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Deaccessioning Oral Histories?

Hi all,

I have been discussing this with a colleague and did not have any good answers.

Is anyone aware of a good resources on best practices and protocols for deaccessioning or transitioning oral history collections out of an archive?  What's involved in terms of transfer of copyright and custody to another institution?  Who's notified and involved in the process?  Where do oral histories go and how do they get there if a repository is closing?

Thank you,

Molly Graham

Reminder: OHMS Webinars (April)

Announcing three upcoming webinars in April featuring various aspects of using and implementing OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer), ranging from just getting started, beginning new indexing projects, or even launching a new Omeka exhibit/site using the OHMS plugin suite. OHMS provides a free solution for enhancing access to online oral history. These webinars are designed for individuals or institutions at different stages of their OHMS workflows.