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Re: Oral History in an age of Pandemic

I have recently published a piece which includes a discussion of some of the issues that arose in doing online research about the pandemic with a survivor of the Holocaust (who is 93 years old). It is entitled "A Researcher and Survivor of the Holocaust Connect and Make Meaning during the COVID-19 Pandemic" and can be accessed at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15325024.2020.1765099

Re: Oral History in an age of Pandemic

Hi Jon,

Imagine you are in a warzone and you wish to ask the medical staff of a hospital treating the wounded, and the wounded their thoughts. In a crisis situation, connection depends on what your entrypoint into the conversation is, your reason for immediacy ( interviewing now as opposed to later) and what crucial need there is to 'intervene' in this pandemic with an oral history research interviewing objective.