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Charlton Oral History Research Grant - Baylor University Institute for Oral History

The Baylor University Institute for Oral History invites individual scholars with training and experience in oral history research who are conducting oral history interviews to apply for support of up to $3,000 for the academic year 2014–2015. With this grant, the Institute seeks to partner with one scholar who is using oral history to address new questions and offer fresh perspectives on a subject area in which the research method has not yet been extensively applied. Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural research on local, national, or international subjects is welcome.

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"Principles and Best Practices in Oral History Education" now available

In conjunction with the History Channel and the American Folklore Center of the Library of Congress, the Oral History Association has created a document promoting best practices in oral history education for grades 4-12.  OHA Education Committee members Debbie Ardemendo and Katie Kuszmar are the authors of the document, titled "Principles and Best Practices in Oral History Education (4-12)."  We thank them and the many other individuals who had input into the process.

To view or download the document, go to http://www.oralhistory.org/oral-history-classroom-guide/.  Additional copies are available through the OHA office.

Cliff Kuhn
Executive Director
Oral History Association

Launch of 2 Oral History Books, with Dramatic Reading

The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling in Montreal invites you to the launch of Stacey Zembrzycki’s According to Baba: A Collaborative Oral History of Sudbury’s Ukrainian Community and Steven High’s Oral History at the Crossroads: Sharing Life Stories of Survival and Displacement (UBC Press, 2014), the first two books in UBC Press’s new “Shared: Oral and Public History” book series. A reception as well as a dramatic reading of Jenny Montgomery’s Déraciné, a French-language play that came out of the Montreal Life Stories project, will follow.

H-Net reviews posted to the web 07 Apr 2014 - 14 Apr 2014

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The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
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Reviewed for H-Asia by Richard V. Simmons
    Campany, Robert Ford.  _Signs from the Unseen Realm: Buddhist
    Miracle Tales from Early Medieval China_.  Honolulu: University of
    Hawai?i Press, 2012.  xix + 300 pp.  $65.00, ISBN 978-0-8248-3602-