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Association for the Study of Food and Society 2019 Conference Debrief


For any who might be interested, I wanted to share the conference debrief I wrote on the recent Association for the Study of Food and Society conference. In case you haven't attended before (which I highly recommend!), it's annually co-hosted with the Agriculture Food and Human Values Society, and took place this year at the gorgeous University of Alaska Anchorage. (Next year's conference will be at the University of Georgia, May 27-30). 

Re: Request for Input on Potential Book Series

Contrary to my fondness for clever titles, I think the boring but clear and straightforward name you suggested is actually best. It will help with visibility in search results and is unambiguous if someone comes across a reference to it. I think the collection of books under its purview will argue for its cutting edge-ness so that we can leave more colorful titles to the books themselves.

Re: Request for Input on Potential Book Series

Response to this idea was enthusiastic, to say the least, so I am moving forward with a proposal to JHUP! Thanks to all of you who reached out, both those who hope to one day publish in such a series and those who simply wanted to express support for the idea.

I now have one more request: What should we call the series? An obvious choice is something like "Studies in the History of Nutrition," but it is so boring that it actively diminishes how cool and cutting edge this series will be. So, how can we punch up the series name without obfuscating the series topic?