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Reminder: 10/15 deadline for proposals for special issue on "Food as Medicine"

Deadline for proposals for the special issue of Rhetoric of Health and Medicine on "Food as Medicine" is fast approaching (Oct. 15). See the call here: http://medicalrhetoric.com/cfp-food-as-medicine. Please mail 500-1000 word proposals to rhm.journal.editors@gmail.com by 10/15. Guest editor Cristina Hanganu-Bresch welcomes inquiries at c.hanganu-bresch@usciences.edu. 

Hidden In Plain Sight: Oldest Known Cookbook Authored By An African-American

Hidden In Plain Sight: Oldest Known Cookbook Authored By An African-American

https://www.wemu.org/post/hidden-plain-sight-oldest-known-cookbook-authored-african-americ... (by Jorge Avellan)

The headline of this fascinating radio broadcast is ambiguous -- more precisely, Malinda Russell's A Domestic Cookbook (1866) is the oldest cookbook known to have been written and published by an African-American. 

Nutrition in the Medieval Mediterranean.

Dear Nutrition Scholars,

The translation of a Medieval manuscript page has revealed the record of a rare Mediterranean medicinal plant, from Iberia. The plant is Atropa baetica, which is now endangered and included on the IUCN Red List, with fewer than 150 specimens remaining. You may freely download a paper giving the translation and additional information: https://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/004797