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Query: Food Security and International Security

Dear all, 

I am putting together a reading list on food secutiry and other forms of security, in a way that highlights the centrality of food security in aspects of: orginized violence, national planning, international diplomacy, and strategy.

I am particulalry interested in discussions on food security among the security studies community - if you have good recommanded readings on this topic I'll be so very happy to hear from you. 


New Blog Post: "Cypork: German Bodies and Designing Pigs for Consumption"

The following blog post may be of interest to some H-Nutrition readers:

Veronika Settele, "Cypork: German Bodies and Designing Pigs for Consumption," Food, Fatness and Fitness: Critical Perspectives (1 March 2018), http://foodfatnessfitness.com/2018/03/01/cypork/.