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US Infant Formula Shortage

Given the current shortage of baby formula in the United States due a safety recall by Abbott Laboratories, I thought it might be helpful to collect primary and secondary sources on the history of infant feeding and nutrition with a particular emphasis on formula. Here are a few I could get my hands on readily.

Source of the Month: “Fare of Slaves on Plantations,” April 26, 1850 in Frederick Douglass’ newspaper The North Star

The source of the month for March is a primary source, a brief 1850 article entitled “Fare of Slaves on Plantations” and published under the name “Pract. Christian” in The North Star, a newspaper founded and edited by Frederick Douglass.

Re: Source of the Month: Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Publications online at the National Agricultural Library

I'm actually really excited to learn about this collection, as I am trying to give medical students historical perspectives on contemporary clinical practice in the nutrition elective I teach. I think I will assign the "Freddie Food Stamp" pamphlet on the day we discuss SNAP benefits, shopping and cooking at a "non-grocery store," and the 2008 Farm Bill. I promise to write more about this syllabus when I get a chance.