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Re: "Eating for Health": Quantifying Irish Diets in the 1970s

Hi Leah,

My research was mostly focused on Ireland, but I also looked at some UK material.

A great place to start is the Wellcome Library and Archives in London, particularly for primary sources. They have collections of nutrition material: https://wellcomelibrary.org/collections/archive-guides/food-and-medicine/
They also tend to have good short essays / blog posts online about various topics, and some of the material is digitised (if you are not able to visit in person).

A few reading recommendations on health promotion from a theoretical perspective:

Re: "Eating for Health": Quantifying Irish Diets in the 1970s

I'd like to do some reading on government-promoted (perhaps "sponsored") nutritional technologies of the self in the UK. Does anyone have any good references to recommend in this vein? (I'm most interested in a historical period starting around the 1960s ... but I'll gratefully take any recommendations you might have!) Thank you.