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What is a Recipe? Update

The Recipes Project's What is a Recipe? virtual conversation is entering its third week. Themes so far include emotions, memory, technology, geography, and the body. If a recipe is a set of instructions, is a knitting guide a recipe? Does a recipe have to be written down? Is the celebrity of a tv chef an ingredient in whatever s/he cooks up for viewers?

National Oats Makes Kids Husky

This color print advertisement from 1920 features in the foreground a Caucasian boy of about 10-12 years old wearing American football gear and kicking a football. In the background of the grassy green hillside are two other football players, one running, the other picking himself up from the ground. Standing prominently in the background like a grain silo is an enormous white canister of National Oats with the mottos "MAKES KIDS HUSKY" and "PURE ROLLED WHITE OATS." The phrase "Makes Kids Husky" is repeated in yellow font on a black/sky background.

Research question about the commercial production of vitamin supplements

Dear all, 

I'm looking for information on the commercial production of vitamin supplements. I think that the first companies to produce and sell vitamin supplements were American, but I would like to look into that more. Any ideas for readings on the topic will be much appreciated!


Alma Ingra, PhD student
Department of History
Columbia University