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Re: Food for Thought: H-Nutrition's monthly news round-up

I'm reading the article about the Irish diet prior to the colonial introduction of the potato. Several things stood out to me, such as the following related statements. This: "Historical records point out that Irish people didn’t eat much meat – they ate salty bacon, peas, beans, butter and cheese." And this: "Historical records point to these elite groups eating ‘white foods’ which included all kinds of domesticated fowl and wild birds."

20th-century recipe boxes

I have in my possession a recipe box with recipes and household hints collected by a Madison, WI woman, in the years between 1910 and 1947.  Does anyone know of any articles that discuss similar collections?  Please respond to this blog or my email: rdapple@wisc.edu
 Look forward to hearing more about such 20th-century collecti