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Cissy Gregg

Photograph of the vibrant red cover of Cissy Gregg's Cook Book, volume 2 (November 1, 1959). (With an introduction by Deni Hamilton.) Gregg's face is rendered as a gray-scale drawing. Courtesy of Kimberly Wilmot Voss. See also her related essay, "The Influence of a Food Editor," in the H-Nutrition series "What Should I Eat? Why?"

What Should I Not Eat? Cleansing Foods

Author: Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, Associate Professor (University of the Sciences)
H-Nutrition Series: What Should I Eat? Why?
Commissioning Editors: Kristen Ann Ehrenberger and Lisa Haushofer

In the dissonant hum of competing food advice that I am definitely avoiding, cleansing (or detoxing) is probably at the top of my “don’t” list.

Vegetable Medicine

Six cherubs carry a red bottle of "A purely vegetable medicine" over a globe inscribed with the words, "Joy to the World / Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain Killer" and its origin, Providence, Rhode Island. "Perry Davis's opium elixir," Eastern Carolina University Digital Library. See Christina Hanganu-Bresch's related essay, "What Should I Not Eat? Cleansing Foods" in H-Nutrition's "What Should I Eat? Why?" series.