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H-Nutrition Teaching Resources

As many of you know, the H-Nutrition editorial team has published a number of short essay collections on the history of nutrition featuring work submitted by all of you. This has always been a fun and engaging way to promote community engagement and create space for scholarship, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not done this for the past two years.

Sounding the depths of H-Net's resources

H-Net is growing slowly but surely with the addition of new communities, such as H-Biography. Many of us at H-Nutrition are also members of H-Food, and some of us also at H-SciMedTech. I wonder if there are other networks that you've found that regularly include content about food, nutrition, cooking, agriculture, etc.? Any helpful posts on particular topics? Reviews of books? If so, please share them in the comments.

Re: Warwick Food History Conference

I have a soft spot for the University of Warwick ever since I did a summer seminar there on body scholarship in graduate school. This conference line up looks amazing in its geographic, chronological, and institutional range, and I wish I could clear my schedule to attend virtually, even with the time change.

Useful historical resource on Medieval plant food nutrition.

Dear History of Nutrition list,
Research has now revealed that the Ischia Manuscript MS408 is written in Graeco-Iberian language and uses a pronuncial writing system. All is explained in this paper: https://www.academia.edu/49263562/Voicing_the_Voynich_The_Pronuncial_Writing_System_and_Graeco_Iberian_Language_of_MS408_Ischia_Voynich_