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Bachelorette Chow

The image is a screen shot for "'Bachelorette Chow' - Basic (Chocolate) Complete Soylent, 1500 calories" from completefoods.co user hharris and last updated November 5, 2013. On the left-hand side is a list of ingredients, amounts, cost ($/day), and where to buy them. This recipe's total daily cost is $3.04. On the right-hand side is a Nutrition Facts panel displaying nutrients and percentages of recommended daily allowances. From the tabs above the recipe we can see that this one has one review, 39 comments, and 60 variants. Image courtesy Lisa Haushofer.

“Organic” Tools for Social Standing: Oehm’s and Allestein’s Recipes for Brain, Lung, and Udders, 1850-60s

A What is a Recipe? contribution by Claudia Kreklau, MA MA (History, Emory University)

When studying cooking recipes from the nineteenth-century German States, historians are provided with a plethora of culinary mechanisms—habits, practices, customs—with which the then so-called “middling social standings” could seek social distinction. Part and parcel of this reflexive process was the emulation of their social betters—royalty, aristocracy, nobility, gentry—and a rejection of rural, artisan, working, and poorer parts of society.

Re: A Healthy Dose of Skepticism

Have you heard that the FDA is now postponing the implementation of the new labels? Also the requirement of chain restaurants to post calorie counts. Not because these are illusory markers of un/health, but because they are inconvenient for businesses.