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Film Screenings of Challah Rising in the Desert: The Jews of New Mexico

Dear H-NewMexicans,

Please see the press release below for a new documentary on Challah Rising in the Desert: The Jews of New Mexico.There will be two screenings, and individual tickets are $25. The Albuquerque screening appears to be sold out, but tickets are still available for the screening in Santa Fe at the New Mexico History Museum. Tickets can be ordered at https://www.challahrising.com/

Best Regards,

Carter Jones Meyer

New Archival Collection at University of New Mexico

Dear H-NewMexicans,

The University of New Mexico's Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections has acquired a new archival collection from First National Bank of Santa Fe, the oldest financial institution in the Southwest. Please follow the link below for a more detailed description of the collection in relation to New Mexico's economic development.