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Today in New Jersey History - June 12

[TINJH posting courtesy of Joe Bilby]

June 12, 1801: Cyrus Emlay of Burlington County was executed by hanging from a tree for the axe murder of his employer, Constable Humphrey Wall. Emlay, who admitted that he became “addicted to strong drink, dances and frolics” had served time in jail for involvement in a robbery he claimed Wall was also involved in and thus “drank hard, and resolved to murder him.”

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Nova Caesarea (NJ historic maps volume) has gone to printer: final specs

Many thanks to all of you who have already supported this publication with your orders! I am returning to the list to report the book's exact specifications, including some big changes, which may encourage more of you to want a copy. We will continue to accept orders at the pre-publication prices through mid-July.

Both editions will be 11" x 14" in size. The total press run is 1500 copies.

The regular edition (1150 copies):

Today in New Jersey History - June 11

[Editor's note: Joe Bilby's TINJH column for today] 

June 11, 1855: Mary Paul, a Vermont native and resident at the utopian North American Phalanx community in Middletown, wrote her father as the community began to unravel “I don’t know how long I can stay here…Where I shall go and when I go away is more than I can guess.”

June 11, 1964: Sandy Hook Lighthouse was declared an official National Historic Landmark, on the 200th anniversary of the date it began operation.

Today in New Jersey History - June 10

[Editor's note: the most recent TINJH column from Joe Bilby]

June 10. 1809: The steamship Phoenix left Hoboken on a trip down the New Jersey coast and then up the Delaware River to Philadelphia. It was the first steamship to make an ocean voyage.

June 10, 1892: Eldorado Amusement Park in Weehawken opened to much praise in the New York Times. Over 7,000 people visited the park, entertained by a sound and light show entitled “Egypt Through the Ages.”