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colonial New Jersey appeals to the British Privy Council DIGITAL RESOURCE (fwd H-OIEAES)


The Omohundro Institute Electronic Association in Early American Studies  H-OIEAES just announced this open access digital resource. A quick search on Jersey turned up these 5 appeals, dealing with land, estates, the Proprietors, and a lottery ticket (and invoking the wonderful term "Court of Errors."

GSL Issue 24 Released!

History sometimes offers up an extraordinary degree of irony. Take, for example, the celebration of Trenton's Industrial Exposition, showcasing the city's industrial might and hopes for a bright future. The date was October 29, 1929, and over in Manhattan, at the same time, Wall Street was crashing, signalling the start of The Great Depression.

In the latest issue of Garden State Legacy's magazine, we welcome a new author, Arthur Guarino, as he explores some of the impact of those dark days on the Garden State.