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Re: New Jersey Apprenticeship Documents?


I came across this information: "Tom Peterson was born October 6, 1824 on the Mundy family farm in what is now Metuchen, New Jersey. His father worked for Ezra Mundy and both father and son adopted that last name from time to time. His mother, Lucy, was a manumitted slave of Andrew Bell in Freehold, New Jersey. Tom was born free thanks to his mother’s status and also New Jersey’s Gradual Emancipation act of twenty years before."

New Jersey Apprenticeship Documents?

I am looking for any extant records of apprenticeship indentures in New Jersey in the early- to mid-19th century - specifically, I am trying to track down any record of Thomas Mundy Peterson's apprenticeship to Ezra Mundy of Metuchen (then Woodbridge). Peterson mentioned he had served such an apprenticeship in an undated newspaper interview but gave no details. It would have been after the Petersons moved to Perth Amboy in 1828. Peterson was born in 1824. I am not sure what the average age a boy would be appenticed, but that would narrow down the time period.

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Last Call for Spring 2018 Historic Preservation Classes!

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Proposals for Short Essays on Woman Suffrage for NPS Series

In preparation for the upcoming anniversary of passage of the Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote, the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers and the National Park Service is seeking proposals for brief essays on the woman suffrage movement. The primary purpose of the essays is to provide online context for a new National Park Service travel itinerary and website on women’s history and the Nineteenth Amendment.

Re: First World War Memorial Municipal Buildings in New Jersey

The site for Bridgeton's City Hall (now vacant) was purchased in 1921 with $11,000 that had been donated for a WW I memorial. The building itself was not constructed until 1932, and was paid for by the city.

Ventnor City Hall was paid for at least in part by WW I memorial funds, and has (or had) a second floor room dedicated to the use of veterans.