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Belleville Overseer of the Poor

A number of years ago, I saw on exhibit, I think at Belleville Public Library, the ledger from the Belleville Overseer of the Poor. It may have been a ledger that contained reports from various local overseers. I thought that it was on loan from the New Jersey Historical Society, but it does not seem to be among their holdings. I am trying to locate it again.  It is not listed in ArchivesGrid, JerseyCat, or the BPL catalog. Any help would be appreciated. I would also be interested in locating any papers relating to the Irish of Belleville for an on-going project.

Once In A While Wednesday - Sally Hemings

Sally Hemings

October 14, 2015 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sally Hemings is known as the mistress of Thomas Jefferson.  James Judge, History Professor at Rowan College at Burlington County, will discuss her life, her relationship with Jefferson, and the children that she had with him.  Professor Judge will address Jefferson’s relationship with Sally and how it would have fit into the attitutdes, practices and history of the time period.  We will also learn of the living descendants of their children together today.