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How Do You Pronounce These New Jersey Towns?

I was recently contacted by Len Melisurgo, a reporter who is working on a story about mispronounced New Jersey town names. I was able to help him with some of his questions, but some I am not sure who to reach out to. So, I am posting them here in the hope that someone will be able to tell what the consensus of the locals may be as well as if the pronounciations may have at all changed over time.






Re: Symposium (June 17, 2017) commemorating George Washington’s First Middlebrook Encampment, NJ, 1777

It seems the first Middlebrook encampment was important but not a turning point in the war. The description suggests it could, perhaps should, be seen that way. Not sure which "events of this encampment led to the British forces abandoning their New Jersey campaign in June, 1777." The war's first major land battle, the Battle of Monmouth, happened a year later, after the British abandoned Philadelphia the next year. It seems likely that capturing the rebel capital city, our largest seaport, enticed Howe; that he was pulled by that treasure not repulsed by Middlebrook.