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NJ Council for the Humanities -- Next Steps/New Staff

Next Steps and New Staff at the New Jersey Council for the Humanities

Following a period of intensive research and reflection, NJCH announces an ambitious strategic plan. The plan recommits the Council to public impact and encourages innovation. Primary among NJCH’s objectives is prioritizing audiences who have been traditionally disadvantaged in their access to the humanities and working to bridge social divides.

Colonial New Jersey map found at Harvard [fwd ExLibris-L]

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FWD from EXLIbris-L  1/5/2016

Venue Needed in Princeton Area for Vintage Base Ball Event Saturday, 9/24

History and Base Ball Enthusiasts,

Four 19th Century Base Ball Clubs who play by 1864 rules and use period uniforms and equipment, are looking for a venue in the Princeton, NJ area for their four game event on Saturday 9/24. 

All that is needed is an open field or fields that can accomodate two matches simultaneously. Each field should be about the size of a high school baseball field.  An enthusiastic crowd is also requested.