"Mining the Logs" Project & H-Genocide

The H-Net Home Office has been working on the Mining the Logs project for the past year, and is drawing near completion. The project is a transfer of relevant resources, discussions, queries, syllabuses and more from the archives of the old platform: h-net.org. To do this, H-Net looked through the archive month by month and selected titles that appeared multiple times, then we created an “advanced search” and made a view to contain only that discussion.

Working Historians: Charles Reed - Assoc. Prof., Elizabeth City State University, and President, H-Net

Hello everybody,

Our most recent episode is a conversation with Charles Reed, president of H-Net for 2018. Here we we talk about Chas’s background and his reign as president, but we also wander through other topics, such as declining enrollments in history programs, historically black colleges and universities, history-based role-playing and video games, and why everybody should care about H-Net.

H-Net's Future: A Glimpse of the Next 25 Years

Quo Vadis, H-Net?  It’s our 25th anniversary, so naturally we wonder where the next 25 years will take us.  Our transition to the H-Net Commons five years ago opened a new world of possibilities for content sharing, networking, publishing, and communications services for scholars in the social sciences and humanities.  Will you help us get there?

Our talented professional staff and a legion of wonderful volunteer editors are already marking out an exciting future for our organization. A few glimpses beyond the horizon:


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