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This message came from Jesse Draper, the Executive Director of H-Net,
I am sure  our subscribers will join me in sending our sympathies to the entire Michigan State University community for this horrifying event.  It sholdn't happen anywhere.


Dear H-Net Community,

H-Net: An Accessible Resource for Many in a Critical Time of Need

When I first joined H-Net several years ago, I had no idea how significant a role it would come to play in my life. Many of you know H-Net as a go-to place to read book reviews, peruse job announcements, and find conferences. H-Net is that, but it is also so much more. Back in 2018, when we launched H-Ukraine, our team humbly hoped to contribute to Ukrainian Studies in some small way.

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This year, the Humanities and Social Sciences Online network (H-Net), is working to raise $35,000 to help support new platform development for the H-Net Commons, H-Net Job Guide, and H-Net Reviews.

Re: Playing a Pivotal Part in the World of Academia


Please be aware that due to a Home Office editing error, the link in Charles' message of support goes to a donation page where by default a gift will be recurring.  You can simply uncheck that box on the donation form, or instead use this link:


Apologies for the mistake!

Dennis Boone, H-Net

Playing a Pivotal Part in the World of Academia

My warmest greetings to my fellow H-Netters. My name is Charles Muller, and I've been around on H-Net since the late nineties. It was fairly early in my career, but I had a sense from the beginning of the World Wide Web that it was very shortly going to play a pivotal part in the world of academia.

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