Re: World War II tank guns


About 2 PDR HE. Australi produced its own version - mainly for use in Staghound Armored cars (post war) and Matilda and Sentinal tanks during the war.

They found that (particularly in the tanks) against Japanese bunker positions they needed a base fused HE round to allow the necessary delay to penetrate the bunker before initiating.

Re: X-Post: MiWSR: Heck on Hill, "The Red Army and the Second World War"

Whenever I read something like this I am amazed at how Jon House is completely neglected. It is known, especially among those of us who worked with him while he was at the US Army Command and General Staff college (twice, once as a young officer and later as a civilian professor), that Jonathan House is a fantastic military historian and has done much to take the encyclopedic, but verbose, writing of Dave Glantz and "synthesize" it into a more accessible narrative, analysis, and often both.

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