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Review Editors commission and edit reviews of scholarship in print or other media for specific networks. Review Editors must have strong field qualifications in the subject covered by the networks; collaborate with reviewers and other editors and H-Net staff by email in a timely fashion; and use H-Net's online Reviews Management System to assign, edit, and publish reviews. H-Net provides training on H-Net's Standards and Guidelines for Reviewing and in the use of the Reviews Management System. Because H-Net Reviews editing offices and staff are located in the United States, Review Editors must be able to communicate and edit in English. See H-Net's Review Guidelines and Standards for more about H-Net Reviews.

All editor-nominees must originate and send their own nomination materials. It is important for us to be able to verify email addresses and confirm a nominee's availability. Nominations sent by other parties will cause delays as we contact the nominee for verification.
The required materials are:

1.    In the case of an operating network, a member of the network's editorial/advisory team must endorse the applicant by filling out the Nomination Form.

2.    A message signed by the nominee (This is included in the Application Form):

  • accepting the nomination;
  • providing complete and current contact information (including a reliable email address);
  • acknowledging the two-year term commitment and agreeing to serve in accordance with H-Net's Constitution, bylaws, and policies;
  • briefly stating field qualifications (please do not send a full CV unless requested by the Council or the executive director). This can be a concise statement of pertinent publications, service, or teaching experience that demonstrates to the nonspecialist that the nominee is sufficiently acquainted with the field to be able to act as an editor;
  • a brief statement of the nominee's intended editorial style and plans to advance the network, or reviews program as appropriate.
  • Nominees for review editor should consider the following qualities that we deem desirable for this post, and indicate how you satisfy at least two of them.