H-Net Network Pre-approval Questionnaire

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H-Net Network Preappproval Questionnaire

The purpose of this page is to inform you about the procedure for creating a new H-Net network and to gather preliminary information for the approval process. Please be aware that H-Net considers its networks to be peered publishing media, monitored by a team of editors and an advisory board as members of H-Net, and created with a mission of service and publication to an online community of professionals and the interested public.

Developing such an online community requires commitment to a long-term professional partnership between H-Net and the editorial staff of the network. As a general rule, H-Net does not sponsor networks for transitory periods or short-term needs, unless requested by a scholarly organization as part of a larger framework of collaboration with H-Net. We encourage potential applicants to explore sites on the internet which provide free or low-cost group services.

Overview of the Network Approval and Creation Process

Overview of the Network Approval and Creation Process Creating a network can be complex, depending upon the array of services the network will offer and the number of individuals available to create and maintain them. At a minimum, an H-Net network consists of a Network Commons  This framework usually entails creating additional internal Commons groups for network advisory board and editors; establishing at least one central editorial electronic mail account on the H-Net server; and the appointment of online, book review, and web editors by the advisory board.

The creation of the network follows a straightforward process:

  1. Submission and approval of a concept and mission statement by the H-Net Council. The prospective network sponsor or lead editor prepares a concept statement briefly describing the network, its intended audience, and editorial rationale. If the Council approves of this statement, then a regular and more detailed proposal must be prepared. The proposal can be submitted through the Network Application Page. Approval of the proposal by the Council authorizes the H-Net staff to work with the applicants to flesh out the plan, recruit a team of editors and board, and detail the network's technical specifications.
  2. Final Network Plan: The applicant works with the H-Net staff to create a plan to be submitted to the Council; once approved, the editors can be trained and the network prepared for launch. The plan comprises several elements:
    1. Nomination materials for editor and board certification. These are prepared and submitted through the nominations page.
    2. Network configuration plan. The applicant works with the H-Net staff to create the network's informational files - descriptive texts and resource links.
    3. Refined network mission statement and staffing list. The applicant refines the mission statement so that it will be suitable for inclusion on the network's Commons pages. The proposal also identifies online editors, book review editors, and advisory board members. When considering the proposal, the Council consults with the editors of affected networks and other specialists as necessary.
  3. Training of editors to ensure familiarity with the programs used for network communications.
  4. Testing and launch of the network.