H-NEAsia focuses on transnational issues involving the peoples of northeast China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and eastern Russia. Its goals are to aid communication and collaboration regarding research across this area and to provide an outlet for relevant book reviews.

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TOC: Pacific Affairs, vol. 88, no. 3 - Special Issue on Governing Flooding in Asia’s Urban Transition

Pacific Affairs is pleased to announce the publication of its latest issue (Sept. 2015), a special issue dedicated to flooding in urban Asia. What follows is a detailed table of contents with abstracts as well as a full list of our latest book and film reviews. The full texts of our reviews are available for free at our website, http://www.pacificaffairs.ubc.ca/ 


Pacific Affairs

Volume 88, No 3, September 2015


CFP Deadline Sept. 8 Genealogies of Financialization: Reframing Sovereignty in Asia (1600–present)

REMINDER: Deadline, September 8, 2015      For questions: Sankaran Krishna (krishna@hawaii.edu) or Saeyoung Park (spark34@jhu.edu)

This workshop is part of SSRC InterAsian Connections V: Seoul (2016)