H-NEAsia focuses on transnational issues involving the peoples of northeast China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and eastern Russia. Its goals are to aid communication and collaboration regarding research across this area and to provide an outlet for relevant book reviews.

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New Editors needed at H-NEAsia


H-Net is looking for new editors to run H-NEAsia. You need not be tech-savvy—if you have an interest, H-Net will provide the training and support, but being, say, tech-comfortable would be good. Ideally, multiple people will apply to form a team of editors: no one is expected to do everything. And you would be free to develop the various H-Net tools available as you see fit.

[CFA] Andrew W. Mellon Society of Scholars in Critical Bibliography (SoFCB) Junior Fellows Program



Rare Book School’s Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography (SoFCB) invites applications for its 2020–21 cohort of junior fellows. The deadline is 1 November 2019.