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Bennett College hosts "The Harper's Ferry Five," A Talk by Dr. Peter H. Wood, February 23, 2017 at 6 pm

You are invited to Bennett College for "The Harper's Ferry Five: Tracing the Roots of John Brown’s Actual Plan for 1859, and the Southern Black Freedom Fighters who Joined Him," A talk by Peter H. Wood. 

John Brown is well-known, but his design for the 1859 Raid at Harper’s Ferry remains largely misunderstood, and the African Americans in his party are virtually unknown. They included Lewis Sheridan Leary (born in Fayetteville), and John Anthony Copeland  (born in Raleigh).

CFP: 2017 North Carolina Association of Historians Annual Meeting (Pembroke, 7-8 April)

North Carolina Association of Historians Annual Meeting
University of North Carolina at Pembroke
April 7-8, 2016
Call for Papers

The Program Committee of the North Carolina Association of Historians invites submissions of one-page proposals for papers to be presented at its April 2017 meeting: