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Monthly Publications Update, July 2015, Member Submissions

Knott, Eleanor.  Generating Data Studying Identity Politics from a Bottom–Up Approach in Crimea and Moldova.  East European Politics and Societies 29:2 (2015): 467-486.

(Russia and the former Soviet Union - Crimea, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Romania - Everyday nationalism - Identity politics, kin-state relations - Interviews - Bottom-up methodologies.) 

Early Bird Tickets Offer Ends Soon, Gingko Library - British Institute of Persian Studies Conference on 1906 Iran Revolution and the Narratives of the Enlightenment, Sept 14-16, London

Gingko Library - British Institute of Persian Studies Conference:

Iran's Constitutional Revolution of 1906 and the Narratives of the Enlightenment


Date: 14 - 16 September
Place: British Academy, London
Co-Conveners: Prof. Ali Ansari (British Institute of Persian Studies)
& Dr Barbara Schwepcke (Gingko Library)