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Re: Reflections on the JNU Row in India

For me, Swagata Basu's contribution is particularly important not only because she is an alumna and a member of another university's faculty, hence arguably has a great deal invested in the events, but also because she has presented the emotional, affective dimension of her response - which are powerful motivators for action - instead of confining herself to the usual political/ideological arguments. These arguments are no less valuable: her analysis of what the events mean for India is penetrating and thought-provoking.

Re: Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series: "Secessionism and Separatism: Pakistan as a Case Study" by Farhan Hanif Siddiqi

It was most interesting to see how remedial rights theories may be employed to explain the secession of Bangladesh and of a possible (but unlikely) secession of Baloch populated region. Usually remedial rights theories provide normative justifications - secessions are justified as (as explained in the post) last resort remedies to breaches of rights. But Professor Siddiqi is surely right to ask, if there is nothing to remedy, why then secede? Well, if there is nothing to remedy, other reasons will be found for secession including the ubiquitous will of the people.