The mission of the H-Nahuatl network is to provide a simple medium where scholars interested in studying the Nahua or Nahuatl (Aztecs or Aztec language) can go to be in communication with others. The network will accept postings in English, Spanish, Nahuatl, and French. Historically the network has addressed issues relevant to understanding nuances of Nahuatl, the grammar and structure of the language. It also serves as a place where the general public can inquire about specific issues of the Nahua. Lastly, it provides a forum wherein scholars can announce their research plans and seek assistance from others in the field.

Sermonario video

This video was part of the exhibition "Sermones en mexicano: Tesoros en lengua náhuatl de la Biblioteca Nacional" which was inaugurated on Wednesday August 21 at the same time the conference "In teoamoxtli in teotlahtolli: Nuevas miradas sobre los textos cristianos en lenguas indígenas del periodo novohispano" kicked off.


Virtual "Cronica Mexicana"

INAH has announced the creation of a virtual edition of two of the manuscript copies of Hernando de Alvarado Tezozomoc's "Cronica mexicana," in conjunction with the University of Senchu, in Japan.  The web site will be unveiled on August 15.


A detailed announcement and explanation appears on the INAH web site: