The mission of the H-Nahuatl network is to provide a simple medium where scholars interested in studying the Nahua or Nahuatl (Aztecs or Aztec language) can go to be in communication with others. The network will accept postings in English, Spanish, Nahuatl, and French. Historically the network has addressed issues relevant to understanding nuances of Nahuatl, the grammar and structure of the language. It also serves as a place where the general public can inquire about specific issues of the Nahua. Lastly, it provides a forum wherein scholars can announce their research plans and seek assistance from others in the field.

Save the Date - Northeastern Nahuatl Scholars Conference at Yale

The Northeastern Group of Nahuatl Scholars has finalized the dates for the May 2018 meeting.  As in the past two years, we will be increasing the conference to include three days.  Please save the following dates: Friday, May 11 (noon) through Sunday, May 13 (noon).

As in past years, the conference will be seeking both documents for translation and scholarly research papers on Nahuatl  and all areas of Nahua life and culture.


A formal call for papers with additional details will be forthcoming.

John F. Schwaller

Texas Mesoamerican Meetings

What used to be the Texas Maya meetings have now broadened out to include all of Ancient Mesoamerica.  The organizers are praticularly interested in have folks working on the Nahua and other groups to apply.  Unfortunately the deadline for proposals is fast approaching, October 23.  Please consider a proposal.  The submission link is as follows:

Bill Bright Collection

Dear friends of Bill Bright and Native American Languages,

Charles Greifenstein of the American Philosophical Society has just sent the link to their catalog of all the William Bright materials that they hold: