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It's the dog days of summer and most of us are already getting ready for the fall semester. What books, articles or multimedia (movies, documentaries, etc.) have your attention as they relate to Women and War and Women in the Military? What issues should we be discussing here? Are there any books or multimedia that you would recommend for a review at H-Minerva?  Please feel free to share your current reading lists with our members. 


Therese M. Strohmer

H-Minerva Editor

Remember the Fallen July

Submitted by Noonie Fortin

This month please remember these women who died during July while serving our country in or during war times:


Jul 1863:               Frances Day, disguised as SGT Frank Mayne, CIVIL WAR

Jul 1999:              USA CPT Jennifer Odom,

2 Jul 2010:            USA SPC Morganne M McBeth, 19, non-combat murder, IRAQ

2 Jul 2013:            USA SPC Hilda I (Ortiz) Clayton, 22, non-combat mortar explosion,AFGHANISTAN

4 Jul 1944:            WASP Susan Parker Clarke, WW II