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Remember the Fallen: April

This month please remember these women who died during April while serving our country in or during war times:


3 Apr 1944:                   WAFS Evelyn Sharp, WW II

3 Apr 1998:                   USAF TSGT Shelly Kelly assigned to the T-43 (a modified Boeing 737) carrying Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown that crashed. She survived the crash, found several hours later, placed on a helicopter and evacuated to the hospital, but strangely, was dead on arrival of a broken neck, CROATIA

Re: Request: Courses and readings on Women in the Military and Women and War?

Hello all

I have a graduate 3 credit course at University of Colorado College of Nursing entitled - Women and War.
The course was developed jointly with the Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences and Anthropology.

Here is a little more information about the course: