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Master in migration history at Leiden University

Leiden University (the Netherlands) offers a unique interdisciplinary Master programme which allow students to study migration and diversity from a multitude of perspectives. Students who take the history track within this program will get a Masters in History from Leiden University (a top scoring university in a large number of rankings). Classes in history will be combined with classes in Public Administration and Sociology (at Delft and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam), making you an allround migration expert.


Journal TOC: German Politics and Society (Volume 35, Issue 4)

Dear Colleague,

The articles in this issue of German Politics and Society range in topic from the role of ideational factors in shaping German public discourse on the refugee crisis to the Pegida movement. The tropes of romance and family in performances at the Eurovision Song Contest and in recent European films are examined and the contemporary agency of labor relations actors is analyzed. This issue concludes with book reviews.