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CFP: American Foreign Policy and the Middle East - Maltepe University, Istanbul/Turkey May 26 and 27 2016

Call for Papers:

American Foreign Policy and the Middle East

Organized by Department of Political Science and International Relations at Maltepe University

Maltepe University
Istanbul, Turkey
May 26 and 27 2016

Marmara Eğitim Köyü, Maltepe/Istanbul – TURKEY (0216) 626 1050

Call for reviewers: AFGHANISTAN 1979

Hi all,

Icarus Films have recently released a new title I thought would be of interest. If you are interested in reviewing it, and have a publication interested in considering your review, please get in touch, and I can send you a review copy.

Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the World - A behind-the-scenes history of the Soviet Union's 10-year long war in Afghanistan.

More info: http://icarusfilms.com/new2015/afg.html