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Q. 59:6-7

Dear Colleagues,

I'd be grateful for references to scholarship on Q. 59:6-7. It is used in the inscriptions in the Ibn Tulun mosque in Cairo (and many other sites in the medieval period). I'm particularly interested in how it relates to the sources and use of public moneys.

my thanks, Matthew Gordon

‘Books, Tea, and Baklava: Conserving Turkish Manuscripts in Ireland and Istanbul’, a lecture by Kristine Rose-Beers ACR

Dear colleagues,

The Islamic Manuscript Association—in partnership with the Orient-Institut Istanbul and the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation—is pleased to announce that Kristine Rose-Beers ACR, senior conservator at the Chester Beatty Library and an elected member of the Association's board of directors, will speak about her extraordinary career in conserving and studying Turkish manuscripts at the Orient-Institut Istanbul on Thursday, 6 September at 19.00.