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Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain of Ireland

The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland invites the submission of book proposals on subjects related to the cultures, history, languages and religions of Asia. The Society supports the publication of 4 to 5 books a year in collaboration with a variety of publishers which include Routledge, University of Edinburgh Press, National University of Singapore Press, University of Hong Kong Press, Cambridge University Press, India and the Gingko Library.

Sharia court decision in Cairo National Archives 18 dhul qi`dah 1150 AH

I am writing a history of the supervision of the wakfiyyah of Sultan Abu Said Qunsuh, reigned 1498//1500, from inception to the present day. This wakfiyyah was registered on 3rd raba al awwal 908AH.The only key judgement that I am missing is that of 1150AH, passing the supervision of the wakfiyyah to Sayyid Sherif Yusuf Bairam, elder son of Sayyid Sherif Saleh el Wafaii. I need help to find this judgement and will cooperate fully with any researcher or other person willing to join me.

Thank you, James Heyworth-Dunne, London England