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Symposium: Objects and Power in Medieval Islam, April 11

Dear Colleagues, 

The symposium on Islamic Material Culture that I have organized at Bard Graduate Center will take place next Friday, April 11. It is open to the public, and for those unable to attend in person in New York City, the conference will be live streamed at the address below. I hope many of you will be able to participate.


Beards of paradise

Christian:  I came across an early 20th-century copy of an epistle that was entitled (roughly) *Risalat sunnat al-sharib fi bayan qiss al-shawarib* that seems to fit the bill here. However, it did not have an author listed, and it is unclear whether it was a copy of an MS that had earlier roots. If you are interested, you can find it in the Suleymaniye Kutuphanesi in Istanbul, Hz. Nasuhi Dergahi MS 31. Unfortunately, I did not make a copy myself. Alternatively, if anyone else can identify the MS by title, I'd be most appreciative myself.

Best regards,

John Curry