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Call for papers: "The aesthetics of crossing: experiencing the beyond in Abrahamic traditions" (Utrecht/NL, 19-21 March 2015)

Call for Papers


“The aesthetics of crossing: experiencing the beyond in Abrahamic traditions”.

International conference

Utrecht (NL), 19-21 March 2015


Funded by the European Research Council (ERC)

Hosted by the Dpt. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University

With keynotes from Hans Belting, Lindsay Jones, Christian Lange, Birgit Meyer, and Leigh Eric Schmidt


Items used by the Cairo market's muhtasib

Dear Nancy,

"Dirra": whip or beating rod; "turtur": a high conical cap, which was used, in this case, to be worn by the convicted person in order to add humiliation to his appearance in public. See R.P. Buckley, "The Muhtasib", Arabica, 39 (1992), pp. 108-109; Buckley's translation of al-Shayzari, The Book of the Islamic Market Inspector (Oxford, 1999); Christian Lange, Justice, Punishment and the Medieval Muslim Imagination (Cambridge, 2008), pp. 78-89 (on "dirra").

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