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mahdar/mahzar in Ilkhanid Baghdad

Dear Yoni,

Another well-known case of a mahdar/mahzar used exactly in the same sense as you mention is the mahdar denouncing the genealogy and faith of the Fatimids produced by the order of the Abbasid caliph al-Qadir. This is mentioned in many primary and secondary sources; to begin with, and if you have Juwayni's Jahangusha on your desk, the relevant pages are III:174-177. The Abbasids did the same thing once again 444/1052-3 (for this, the Jahangusha won't help; you have to look at Ibn al-Athir or Ibn al-Jawzi).

All best,


mahdar/mahzar in Ilkhanid Baghdad

Dear all, 

I am looking for further references or examples for the usage of the term mahdar/mahzar as a public attestation or statement signed by several prominent religious figures and published or circulated in the pre modern period (aside from the well-known example of Akbar's mahdar from 1579). I am currently examening several references to such documents in both Arabic and Persian Ilkhanid-era sources and was hoping that someone might be able to refer me to a useful discussion of the term (outside of the court-usage context).

Thank you, 

Jonathan Brack 

Call for papers: Sphero-conical vessel . A passionate debate over the fire grenades in the Muslim World

The Sphero-conical vessel

A passionate debate over the fire grenades in the Muslim World

Organised by

Stephane Pradines (ISMC-AKU) and Julie Monchamp (IFAO)

French Institute of Archaeology, Cairo
17 December 2014

As part of the research program: ‘Wars, cultures and societies in the medieval Middle East’, the French Institute of Archaeology in Cairo organizes a seminar on the sphero-conical vessel in military context.