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Call for Articles, Mediaevistik

Dear colleagues,
Albrecht Classen asked me to post this CfA which may be of interest to some listmembers.  Please see below.
Best wishes,
Dagmar Riedel
The international journal Mediaevistik 
is looking for good contributions on any aspect of the Middle Ages, which we understand in the broadest possible terms time-wise and geographically.

Attend: Harvard Medieval Material Cultures Lecture and Workshop, March 9 and 11

Margaret Mullett (Director of Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton Oaks) will deliver the 2015 Harvard Medieval Material Cultures Lecture. Her talk, Byzantium On the Move: Mobile Empire, Traveling Textiles, will take its cue from some middle Byzantine tent poems and then address two questions: first the implications for Byzantine ceremony and administration of the importance of tents in Byzantium, and then secondly the problem of arriving at a clear view of what Byzantine tents looked like.