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CfSessions: Session Proposals Invited for Mary Jaharis Center Sponsored Panel at Leeds 2016

To encourage the integration of Byzantine studies within the scholarly community and medieval studies in particular, the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture seeks proposals for a Mary Jaharis Center sponsored session at the 23rd International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 4–7, 2016. We invite session proposals on any topic relevant to Byzantine studies.

Shortened/elongated sense of time

I'm doing a unit on historical senses of time, not just differences but also similarities. Lots of work has been done on differing senses of time across cultures, but not on similarities, and I'd like to identify some of those too. So here's one that I suspect is widely shared, and was wondering if the members of this list could give me any citations for the phenomenon from medieval Islamic sources: to put it in colloquial terms, we've all noticed how time flies when we're having fun, but when we're waiting/bored/disinterested, it seems to slow to a crawl.