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Razi, chapter of K. al-Mansuri

Re: medical texts discussing eunuchs, I work only with the Latin tradition. But in terms of what was translated, both al-Zahrawi (d. ca. 1013) and ‘Ali ibn al-’Abbas al-Majusi (d. 982) discuss castration procedures in the surgical sections of their texts.

My brief discussion of the issue can be found in Monica H. Green, “Caring for Gendered Bodies,” in Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe, ed. Judith Bennett and Ruth Mazo Karras (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. 345-61, available on my Academia.edu page.

Razi, chapter of K. al-Mansuri

I have found another edition, edited by Hazim al-Bakri Siddiqi but more recent (2009). As I am working on eunuchs, I am also very interested in it So, If you are not able to find it before, you can get in touch with me (around the end of October, because I have to get the book via interlibrary loan from abroad).
Let me know.
And by the way: do you all know of any other medical treaties that specifically addresses eunuchs? Thanks!!!

CfP: Symposium on Politics of Dress and Identity in Eastern Mediterranean Societies, Past and Present

Dear colleagues, 

I would like to draw your attention to an international symposium that will take place at the Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam in March 2016. You can find the call for papers below.

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Alexandra Pleşa

VU Amsterdam