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Slavery in the Medieval World: sessions at the Leeds IMC this July

Dear all,

I've put together a compendium of abstracts for all the papers on slavery in the medieval world that will be presented at the Leeds International Medieval Congress, July 4-7, 2016.  I suspect some on this list might find the document interesting and I invite everyone to have a look:


Hikayat Abi al-Qasim: A literary Banquet

I am happy to announce the publication of a new book: Emily Selove, The Hikayat Abi al-Qasim: A Literary Banquet: ed. Wen-Chin Ouyang and Julia Bray (Edinburgh University Press, 2016). 

Hikayat Abi l-Qasim, probably written in the eleventh century by the otherwise unknown al-Azdi, tells the story of a gate-crasher from Baghdad named Abu l-Qasim who shows up uninvited at a party in Isfahan. Dressed as a holy man and reciting religious poetry, he soon relaxes his demeanour and, growing intoxicated on wine, insults the other dinner guests and their Iranian hometown.

Call for Participants in a Panel at MESA 2016 dedicated to the History of the Islamic Book

Panel organizer: Ahmad Nazir Atassi, Louisiana Tech University

The field of Book History as it applies to manuscripts or printed books in the Islamic world has a lot of potential that still remains untapped. Dr. Dagmar Riedel (Columbia) has a very informative blog titled "Islamic Books" that showcases well the range of topics that can be discussed within this filed.