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Call for Participants in a Panel at MESA 2016 dedicated to the History of the Islamic Book

Panel organizer: Ahmad Nazir Atassi, Louisiana Tech University

The field of Book History as it applies to manuscripts or printed books in the Islamic world has a lot of potential that still remains untapped. Dr. Dagmar Riedel (Columbia) has a very informative blog titled "Islamic Books" that showcases well the range of topics that can be discussed within this filed.

Call For Book Proposals, The Early and Medieval Islamic World

I.B.Tauris invites submissions for inclusion in a new academic monograph series, The Early and Medieval Islamic World. Led by series editor Professor Roy Mottahedeh (Harvard University), the series will promote innovative research on the period 500–1500 AD with the Islamic world, as it ebbed and flowed from Marrakesh to Palermo and Cairo to Kabul, as the central pivot.