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Re: Commemoration of WWI

Dear Andrew,

I did a little bit of work on these kinds of books in Australia, which you can see in the article below.

Ziino, Bart 2010, "A lasting gift to his descendants” : family memory and the great war in Australia, History and memory, vol. 22, no. 2, Fall / Winter, pp. 125-146.

Most of the article is about publishing of wartime letters and diaries in the last few decades, but it does discuss several examples from during and soon after the war itself.

Commemoration of WWI


I'm working on a project on the commemoration of WWI dealing with tribute books published by families of soldiers killed during the war. This is not my primary field and I'm looking for suggestions about secondary literature on the topic. I did some work on this twenty years ago as a graduate student and read Paul Fussell, Jay Winter, etc..., but I'm wondering what has been done since then on the subject.

For more info on the kinds of materials I'm working with, see my blog at: