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Seeking Panelists for Session Proposal - "Material Subcultures"

Dear colleagues,

I am seeking historians, art historians, and anthropologists (preferably of color) who'd be interested in submitting something with as part of a session that explores subcultural identity construction, tentatively titled "Material Subcultures: Production and Consumption on the Margins." My research is on queer Euro/American pornography in the early twentieth century.

OAH 2019 or SHEAR 2018 panel participants

I am seeking to create a paper panel for OAH 2019 (or SHEAR 2018) that examines topics in Early America, either late colonial or early republic.  My work explores the shift of historic narratives through the long 18th century, from colonial times to the early republic, and engages themes of identity, nostalgia, memory, and nationalism, among others. This is a topic that can be accessed and applied widely.

Feel free to contact me directly at reason@purdue.edu

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Amanda Rumba