H-Memory is a network open to all academics and researchers concerned with Memory Studies. This inter-disciplinary field interests itself in how humans remember and represent that memory, be it through literature, monuments, historical works, or in their own private lives.

Recent Content

New Issue: Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society (Vol 9, Issue 1)

Dear Colleague,

This special issue examines textbooks in countries undergoing political transition, change, and convulsion. The articles in this issue raise many questions: What happens to textbooks during the intervals between one form of government and another? How does the information contained in textbooks change during these intervals of instability and uncertainty, and during the phases of the construction and consolidation of a new political regime? 

Reminder and Extended Deadline: Memory at the Intersection of Mass Violence and Socioeconomic Inequality

WORKSHOP: Memory at the Intersection of Mass Violence and Socioeconomic Inequality

Saint Paul University, Ottawa

School of Conflict Studies

April 13-14, 2018




Workshop Convener: Dr. Anna Sheftel, Saint Paul University

Call for new editor for Oral History Forum d'histoire orale

The Canadian Oral History Association welcomes applications for the position of editor for the Oral History Forum d’histoire orale. The position would begin 1 January 2018 for a three-year term. The Oral History Forum d'histoire orale is the 1-year delayed open access e-journal of the Canadian Oral History Association. The Forum has been published since 1975. This year, there are 499 registered readers of Forum, and has 450+ followers on Twitter at @oralhistforum.

New Articles of Interest in the Pacific Historical Review

The Pacific Historical Review recently published the following articles that may interest H-MEMORY list subscribers:


- “‘Into the Dark Cold I Go, the Rain Gently Falling’: Hawai’i Island Incarceration,” by Kelly Y. Nakamura

- “From Memory Making to Money Making? Japanese Travel Writers’ Impressions of Cross-Cultural Interaction in the Southwestern Pacific Islands Battle Sites, 1962-2007,” by Ryota Nishino

- “Surviving the Bomb in America: Silent Memories and the Rise of Cross-national Identity,” by Naoko Wake