The aim of this network is to provide researchers with information about publications and congresses regarding the mediterranean area in modern and contemporary history. We strive to be a collaborative space for researchers coming from different research fields. Instead of only promoting discussions about each single country, or only discussing the concept of mediterranean history, the aim is to facilitate circulation and confrontation of ideas, methods, and theories.

Recent Content

Call for Papers: Heritage Protection in North Africa

Appel à communication pour le colloque international

Patrimoines en péril : Action publique et politiques de préservation au Maghreb
Tunis, 13-14 Octobre 2017

Organisé conjointement par l’IRMC de Tunis et le Gremamo du Laboratoire CESSMA de l’Université Paris
Diderot, en partenariat avec la Casa de Velázquez, l'Ecole Française de Rome, le Centre Jacques Berque et
l'Université de la Manouba (LAAM).

Call for Papers: Space and Experience: Mapping and Movement in the Global Renaissance

In the past decade, spatial analysis has yielded new ways to engage with historical information and revealed previously hidden patterns, trends and understandings. From small-scale network representations and large scale mapping projects to a wealth of important articles and monographs, considerable new insight has been gained into processes of movement, spatial representation, migration, experience, and the dynamics of the early modern period.

Call for Proposals: Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, 26-28 October 2017, Milwaukee

The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) is now accepting proposals for individual presentation submissions and complete panels for its 2017 annual conference. In this year, celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's "Ninety-Five Theses," the SCSC will meet in Milwaukee, a city with a proud German and Lutheran heritage.  As always, we will accept papers on any topic within the "long sixteenth century," not just those on Germany, or Lutheran subjects.  The conference dates are October 26-29, 2017.