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The aim of this network is to provide researchers with information about publications and congresses regarding the mediterranean area in modern and contemporary history. We strive to be a collaborative space for researchers coming from different research fields. Instead of only promoting discussions about each single country, or only discussing the concept of mediterranean history, the aim is to facilitate circulation and confrontation of ideas, methods, and theories.

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Call for Submissions: The Medieval Globe

Announcing The Medieval Globe. Connectivity~Communication~Exchange, a new biannual academic journal.

The Medieval Globe (TMG) is a peer-reviewed journal to be launched in 2014, published in both print and digital formats. It is based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and sponsored by CARMEN, the Worldwide Medieval Network. It is dedicated to exploring the modes of communication, materials of exchange, and myriad interconnections among regions, communities, and individuals in an era central to human history.

The Medieval Globe promotes scholarship in three related areas of study:

* the direct and indirect means by which peoples, goods, and ideas came into contact,

* the deep roots of global developments,

Call for Papers: The Transformation of Mediterranean Port Cities: 19th and 20th c.

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the "Colloquium on Mediterranean Urban Studies" will be held by the Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies at Mersin University, Turkey on 23-25 October 2014 as the fifth event of Colloquia series, which had been organized in every three years since 2002.

The main theme of this year's colloquium is "The Transformation of Mediterranean Port Cities: 19th and 20th centuries".

The languages of the colloquium are English and Turkish. Full papers may be submitted in Turkish, however all papers should have an abstract in English

All abstracts will be published in the abstracts book, and papers selected by the scientific committee will be published in the proceedings book. 

You can access the colloquium website:

Call for Papers: Venetian Popes of the 15th c.


Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference

Berlin: 26-28 March 2015

Venetian Popes of the 15th century: Gregory XII, Eugene IV and Paul II

Call for applications: Civil Society North-Africa


18th International Summer School: Constructive versus Destructive Engagement – Drivers and Implications of External Actors’ Policies for North Africa

Berlin, 11 – 22 August 2014

DGAP In Cooperation with R. Bosch Stiftung