H-MedAnthro addresses the needs and concerns of medical anthropology graduate students, practicing anthropologists, scholars, and scholar activists who address issues of local, national and international health importance. This network and its accompanying web sites form the hub of an active research community and a storehouse for information supporting the endeavors of medical anthropologists and their colleagues in allied social science fields.

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AS 2.0: user experience testing

AAA and Wiley-Blackwell want to improve AnthroSource. Our plan is to re-launch AnthroSource in January 2015 and in the interest of meeting anthropologists’ needs more fully, we invite those familiar with AnthroSource to participate in individual sessions to be conducted remotely with screen sharing on your computer on Wednesday, April 16 and Thursday April 17.

AAA panel on (reproductive) health in Eastern Europe?


Dear all,

I'm an anthropologist working on reproductive health in Romania and would love to present my work at the AAA conference in Washington at the end of this year. Is anybody putting together a panel on (medical) anthropology in Eastern Europe and still looking for abstracts? 

All the best,
Erica van der Sijpt

Erica van der Sijpt, Ph.D.
University of Amsterdam
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185, room 1.01.
1012 DK Amsterdam
The Netherlands