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Transsexuals Medical Access Problem/Literature Review Problem

Dear H-net Readers,
I'am Gizem Baysal, who is writing to you from Turkey, Istanbul.
Now I'm studying on Cultural Studies in Istanbul Bilgi University and now trying to write my thesis.
In Turkey, LGBTI people still struggle about their rights interms of economical, sociological and medical.

Re: Recent anthropological work on HIV/AIDS in the Southern U.S.?

Just a few more to add:

Sangaramoorthy, Thurka. "We all have AIDS: Circulations of risk, race, and statistics in HIV/AIDS prevention." PhD diss., UNIV. OF CALIF., SAN FRANCISCO WITH THE UNIV. OF CALIF., BERKELEY, 2008.

Sangaramoorthy, Thurka. "Treating the numbers: HIV/AIDS surveillance, subjectivity, and risk." Medical anthropology 31.4 (2012): 292-309.

Call for applicants : one year fellowship at the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale (Paris)

Dear Colleagues:

This is a terrific opportunity for a junior medical anthropologist to live and work in Paris with some fantastic fellow scholars.  Please direct inquiries to the address below, and repost widely.



Call for candidates : one year fellowship at the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale of the Collège de France (Paris)