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Re: HMS Solebay Online Project Journal

Thank you Kurt. Archaeology projects like this probably promise more than anything else to further what we understand about 17th and 18th century ships at this point. And while individual wrecks frequently tell us relatively little about hull design and construction, the aggregate of all that data is something we very much need in order to have any chance of seeing trends and patterns (or their absence).

HMS Solebay Online Project Journal

In 1782 the 28-gun, sixth-rate frigate HMS Solebay was destroyed by her
crew to prevent her capture by the French in a naval engagement off the
island of Nevis.  In 2010, 228 years after her destruction, a small team
of researchers located Solebay’s remains.  A year later underwater
archaeologist Chris Cartellone studied the site to see what the material
culture remaining on the sea floor could tell us about the past.
Cartellone shared his experiences through his online project journal
“Nevis Shipwrecks: Project Solebay” on the Museum of Underwater

ANN: H-Net Reviews 02 Mar 2015 and 09 Mar 2015.

The following reviews were posted to various H-Net web sites between 02 Mar 2015 and 09 Mar 2015 and may be of interest to H-Maritime members.

Reviewed for H-War by Harold Winton
    Bartsch, William H..  _Victory Fever on Guadalcanal: Japan's First
    Land Defeat of World War II_.  Williams-Ford Texas A&M University
    Military History Series. College Station: Texas A&M University
    Press, 2014.  360 pp.  $35.00, ISBN 978-1-62349-184-0.