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ANN: H-Net Job Guide 2 January 2017 to 9 January 2017

The following jobs were posted to the H-Net Job Guide from 2 January 2017 to 9 January 2017. These job postings are included here based on the categories selected by the list editors for H-Maritime. See the H-Net Job Guide website at http://www.h-net.org/jobs/ for more information. To contact the Job Guide, write to jobguide@mail.h-net.msu.edu, or call +1-517-432-5134 between 9 am and 5 pm US Eastern time.

X-Post: [H-Diplo] Rhodes on Peifer, "Choosing War: Presidential Decisions in the Maine, Lusitania, and Panay Incidents"

Douglas Peifer.  Choosing War: Presidential Decisions in the Maine,
Lusitania, and Panay Incidents.  New York  Oxford University Press,
2016.  344 pp.  $34.95 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-19-026868-8.

Reviewed by Edward Rhodes (George Mason University)
Published on H-Diplo (January, 2017)
Commissioned by Seth Offenbach

As they try to steer the American ship of state through the world's
conflict-filled waters in search of a safe, happy harbor on the
future's shore, American presidents risk encounters with the icebergs

One week left - BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures

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