H-Maghrib aims to facilitate scholarly discussion and research about North Africa, a region that today comprises the countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania. H-Maghrib welcomes queries, calls, and announcements about all historical periods and thematic issues related to the Maghrib and its diverse populations from all disciplines.

Recent Content

Call for Papers - Edited Volume - “North Africa and the Making of Europe"

Call for papers, edited volume:

 “North Africa and the Making of Europe: Governance, Institutions, and Culture”

We are seeking papers for an edited volume entitled “North Africa and the Making of Europe: Governance, Institutions, and Culture,” which is currently under contract with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing.


Call for Proposals : 2017 AIMS Annual Conference in Tunis, Tunisia

The American Institute for Maghrib Studies is seeking proposals for its 2017 annual conference. The annual AIMS conference is a signature event that brings together delegations of scholars from the US, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, as well as individual scholars from Mauritania and Libya. The 2017 AIMS conference will be held in Tunis in late June/early July 2017. AIMS members who are interested in proposing a theme with resonance across North Africa are encouraged to submit a formal proposal no later than August 15, 2016.