H-Maghrib aims to facilitate scholarly discussion and research about North Africa, a region that today comprises the countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania. H-Maghrib welcomes queries, calls, and announcements about all historical periods and thematic issues related to the Maghrib and its diverse populations from all disciplines.

Call for Submissions: 2023 L. Carl Brown AIMS Book Prize in North African Studies (American Institute for Maghrib Studies )

Established in 2013, the L. Carl Brown AIMS Book Prize is awarded annually to the outstanding book in the area of North African studies. The winning work reflects the innovative intellectual achievements in North African studies exemplified by Garrett Professor in Foreign Affairs and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, L. Carl Brown. The prize carries an honorarium of $500.00. No cash prize offered for honorable mention. The winner will be invited to give a brief presentation at the annual AIMS business meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA).

CFP for MESA 2023 in Montreal — Frontier Effects: Borders, Peripheries, and the Territorial Limits of States and Empires in Northern Africa and Southwest Asia

What are the institutional arrangements and organizational forms of human life that create the effect of frontiers? Frontiers are paradoxically geographical zones that imaginatively and materially embody social, economic, and political liminality while otherwise generating immense levels of state and imperial anxiety. Frontiers — the frontier effect — must be produced by ideas, by bodies, by material infrastructures, and by new configurations of human and non-human relations; and yet frontiers are essential spaces of production, making livelihoods and (in)securities possible.

CFP - Panel on Premodern Islamic Maghrib for MESA 2023 in Montreal

From Stephen Cory, Professor in the Departments of History and Philosophy/Comparative Religion, Cleveland State University: 

I am organizing a panel on the pre-modern Islamic Maghrib for the 2023 Middle East Studies Association (MESA) annual meeting.  The conference will be held on November 2-5, 2023, in Montréal, Québec, Canada.  300-400 word abstracts for the paper proposals will need to be submitted on the MESA website by February 16, 2023.  However, since I have to submit a panel proposal, I will need to know who is on the panel and what they plan to talk about by February 4. 

Appel à contributions :" Transformée par la guerre : nouvelles perspectives sur l'Afrique du Nord d'après-1945 " Colloque annuel, American Institute for Maghrebi Studies (AIMS) 2023

Comment l'Afrique du Nord et ses habitants ont-ils été transformés par la Seconde Guerre mondiale ? Comment la guerre a-t-elle façonné les mouvements de décolonisation qui se sont intensifiés en Afrique du Nord après 1945 ? Ce sont deux des questions que le colloque annuel de l’American Institute for Maghrib Studies se propose d’examiner. L'historiographie de la Seconde Guerre mondiale au Maghreb a généralement tourné autour de l'Etat colonial en mettant l'accent sur le conflit militaire ou l'impact diplomatique de la guerre.