On July 1, 2015 H-Net Executive Council voted to decommission H-Mac, effectively removing it from H-Net. In earlier correspondence with H-Net’s Vice-President for Networks, one of H-Mac’s founding editors, Kittrell Rushing, stated, “H-Mac adequately served its purpose. It can be retired with honor and fond memories.” H-Net Council has agreed. While recognizing H-Mac’s long service as one of H-Net’s oldest networks, Council also recognized the digital working environment for historians and other scholars has changed dramatically since the network’s founding in 1994. Those interested in ongoing discussions and topics on computers in the humanities and social sciences will likely find comfort in H-Digital-History and EDTECH, H-Net’s network on educational technology. I encourage you to subscribe to these networks.

Questions about this decommissioned network can be sent to Patrick Cox, H-Net Vice-President for Networks (and Mac user) at vp-net@h-net.mail.msu.edu