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Learn about American Architectural History at Rutgers-Camden

The spring semester of the continuing education historic preservation program sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) at Rutgers University-Camden is about to begin. Join us in learning about American Architectural History. This 10-week course is part of a a non-degree, non-credit program, taught on a pass/fail basis.

Holiday, Festival, and Celebration editors and contributors sought

H-Net is starting a new network on the study of holidays, festivals and festivity, and celebrations. The broad scope will encompass festivals representing a range of emotional stripes, from holiday celebrations to festivals of memorialization, protest marches, local and regional commemorations, historic reenactments, and on and on. The network will be multi-disciplinary and international in scope and will make full use of H-Net’s platform and position as an online, open access publisher.