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Learn about American Architectural History at Rutgers-Camden

The spring semester of the continuing education historic preservation program sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) at Rutgers University-Camden is about to begin. Join us in learning about American Architectural History. This 10-week course is part of a a non-degree, non-credit program, taught on a pass/fail basis.

Holiday, Festival, and Celebration editors and contributors sought

H-Net is starting a new network on the study of holidays, festivals and festivity, and celebrations. The broad scope will encompass festivals representing a range of emotional stripes, from holiday celebrations to festivals of memorialization, protest marches, local and regional commemorations, historic reenactments, and on and on. The network will be multi-disciplinary and international in scope and will make full use of H-Net’s platform and position as an online, open access publisher. 

Registration for Spring Historic Preservation Classes at Rutgers-Camden Now Open

In September 2016, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities at Rutgers University-Camden launched a new continuing education program in historic preservation, open to anyone with an interest in preserving our built environment. Registration is now open for our spring offerings.

Local agricultural labor in relation to the Upper Midwest

I’ve recently read Michael Lansing’s Insurgent Democracy, a narrative of the Non-Partisan League, the farmer-dominated crusade in North Dakota and other upper Midwest states, established in 1915.  This is an excellent book and should encourage more historians to research the contributions of rural movements in reforming American state and local government.